wish it was around a few years ago

Losing weight just got much easier. Seriously ... If CHEATmeals was available to me a few years ago, I don't think I would have ever gained any weight to begin with.

I take it every where with me.

What a great idea - combine a fat and carb blocker in one simple pill. Easy to take, works quickly. I take it every where with me - in my purse and in my office drawer. You never know when you'll need it =)

already lost 7 lbs

This email might be a little long, but I want to let you know just how much I appreciate your product. I take 3 capsules of CHEATmeals with both lunch and dinner. I don't take it with my afternoon snack, since it's just yogurt or maybe an apple. So far, I've lost a total of 6.5 lbs in 3 weeks. I mean, it's not that much ... but I'm not that overweight to begin with. Plus, I haven't changed anything in my diet or added in extra cardio. For the first time, dieting is kinda easy for me. Take care ...

lost over 9 lbs so far with zero effort - me likes it =)))

What I like most about your product is the fact that I can take it any time, any where. I don't get jittery or anything and my cholesterol has come down 33 points in the past 11 weeks. I've lost a total of 9 lbs without any effort or feeling guilty or depriving myself.

it works - get it.

I know your product is much better than others because it WORKS! I've lost weight and I have proof (I can send you before/after pics if you want). I think it's because yours is a combination of both carb and fat blocking ... or maybe it's because the dosage is so much higher than others. Either way, I'm very happy with the results and it's a great price too!

no speedy side-effects

Cool ... a product that works, and no side effects. I don't ever have to cycle off and I can take it forever. Each month, I lose another pound or two. Can't wait for the summer. SWEEEEET!

I gained a pound =(

I took your Cheat Meals as directed, but I gained a pound at the end of the week, why? Granted, I was on a 7 day cruise to Alaska and was eating the entire time since the food was included for free in the cruise package. I was also drinking more too. But I think i should have lost weight.

If you were eating more food for an entire week and you only gained 1 lb, then that's really good. I can guarantee that without using CHEATmeals, you would have gained even MORE weight. Plus, that 1 lb might just be water weight from the salty foods. If you utilized CHEATmeals with your regular diet and calories, you would have surely lost weight. CHEATmeals did its job on your trip. I think you should be happy.
works even for lazy people like me ....... hehe

I know I should eat better and exercise. But your carb/fat blocker is working so well, that I'm waiting for my results to plateau before I have to actually do any work. Hehehehe ... I know, I'm bad ... but I'm lazy. What can I say ... at least I'm honest =)

I lost 9 lbs in 7 weeks

I know you're not going to believe this, but I think I've over done it. I've been taking 4 capsules with ALL my meals for the past month. Now everyone says I'm too skinny!?!? I guess maybe I should cut down my dosages and/or start working out so I can fill out with some more muscle. I never thought anyone would say I'm 'too skinny'. Oh well ... better than being too fat, right? =) Now I can go to the gym and start putting on some muscle.

good for IBS

A friend had suggested I use this product for my stomach-I have a sensitive stomach and wasn't taking any fiber supplements. This is my second month on it and I absolutely love it. It's gentle on my stomach and works right away from the first dose! I highly reccomend this product to anyone who has IBS or any other senstitive stomach issues.

I totally love it

have only been taking chitosan for a month and a half and I have lost an inch around my stomach in fat! I highly recommend this product! The only bad thing I could say is that sometimes you have fishy tasting burps after taking it, but it's totally worth it haha!

Make sure to drink more water, at least 1-2 big cups.
better than Alli

I don't really know why nobody thought of combining both a carb and fat blocker in ONE product before ... but this really is a GREAT idea! I've lost weight, without changing anything in my life. Now I feel a little more confident and I'm gonna go join 24 hour fitness gym near my work. I'm hoping that with the extra exercise, I can lose even more weight when using cheatmeals pills at the same time. I'm really excite. Thank you very much. P.S. I love your newsletter. Keep up the great work!!! P. P. S. This stuff works so much better than Alli.

lost weight and reduced my cholesterol too - nice!

What's great about your product is I can take it any time of the day because it doesn't keep me up. PLUS, I've also reduce my cholesterol from 312, down to 243 in the past 7 weeks while being on cheatmeals pills. That's amazing if you ask me. I don't know if it's because I've lost 11 lbs or because of the supplement or both. But, I guess it doesn't matter. As long as the weight is off and the cholesterol is down and STAYS THAT WAY!

lost weight and keeps me regular too

I lost weight, but it's actually great for my colon. For the first time in years, I'm regular and my stomach is super flat. I've had no negative effects. I've lost about 4-5 lbs in two months. Which is great, but for me, the even better benefit was the fiber and regularity. Nice going...

it rocks

I like to take it if I feel like I have eaten something to rich or fatty. It seems to help with fat absorbtion, especially saturated fats. Don't take it too often - it might also absorb vitamins

there is some research that shows that one of the ingredient in CHEATmeals may also prevent your fat-soluble vitamins from being absorbed. This would be Vitamin D, K, E for example. Take these Vitamins before you take your CHEATmeals.

I am on a low carb diet, but sometimes I just want to eat those french fries, so I take these before eating and I don't gain weight. I've even had large meals of lasagna with garlic bread and I did not gain any weight. I haven't lost any weight because of these blockers, but hey, I don't want to gain any either. And I know for a fact that I would have put on a few pounds if were not for these carb blockers!

unbelievable - perfect stomach

I was really surprised by one of the side effects I experienced with the CHEATmeals. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which means that my bowels are highly irregular - going from constipation that can last up to 12 days, to extremely painful diarrhea accompanied by cold sweats and severe cramping. The day I started taking CHEAT MEALS, my intestinal system immediately regulated itself. No more bloating. No more painful gas. No more feeling toxic. I must add that I was also very pleasantly surprised by the speed at which I received my order. I placed my order on a Tuesday )early morning) and it was at my door on the Friday, 2 days later. You see, I live on Vancouver Island (Canada) where it takes even longer to get a letter from one end to the other of the island. All in all, HFL and their products are simply fabulous. My rating 10/10. I have already started distributing facebook posts to everyone I can thus putting action behing my words.

lost 5 lbs, it works

I feel that these DO work. I don't take them as suggested because I already try not to eat too much of the bad carbs. But for those times when I go out to eat at restaurants and want that pasta bowl, or a couple of those fries, I pop them in! after eating alot of carbs I usually feel heavily bloated and uncomfortable but with these carb blockers I don't anymore! Im already a very active person, and have overall healthy eating habits but i feel that these help me for when i have those times that i just want to indulge those bread bowls. I weighed 132 Lb. for the Longest time and now I am down to 128 Lb.

great product

I have been very happy with this product. I have tried several carb blockers and this is the best one so far. I will repurchase

3 products in one

this is the only product I've ever seen that actually combined BOTH a carb and fat blocker in ONE product... Plus it has the digestive enzymes too. i think it's amazing that nobody else has done this. I wonders why??? You're either brilliant or other companies are stupid =)


This product cuts down on the fat that's absorbed in my system, I am losing weight and constipation is gone

better than Alli

This stuff moves fat from a meal on out of your system without the side effects like the other fat control substance called Alli

it didn't work for me

I got constipated after 2 days, I can't take this product.

The only time this happens is if you don't drink water when you take your CHEATmeals. Please make sure you drink at least 8-16 oz. of water with your CHEATmeals. It really makes a big difference.


good for stomach

if you take it you can feel smooth regular motions

diet delight

Perfect for those that need that little extra boost of will power to control their cravings and adhere to their diet

great combo

CHEATmeals works great with Lean Optimizer, fish oils and CLA. Really well!

works better than Alli

I've tried Alli and this works better, less side effects. Plus it blocks with carbs.

will buy more

If you expect these to help you lose weight you will be sorely disappointed so take some responsibility and change, pills ain't going to make much difference if you don't change, obviously. Following a good diet (paleo for me) has been the trick and once in a while before having a carb I take 2-4 of these (2 30mins before eating and 2 right before eating) and instead of it taking me a week to get back on track and start losing weight, it takes only a day or 2 with no insane cravings (this makes it very easy to continue my chosen plan) and also less carb crashing after the incident. Fantastic, love them for the occasional pizza, beer or birthday cake a couple times per month.

works great!

We have had allot of celebrating lately. Thought for sure I would pack on the weight, but I was taking the CHEAT MEALS faithfully. Not only did I NOT gain weight... but others have asked me if I lost weight. Now I am afraid of scales, so I'm not sure, but my clothes fit good. I haven't gotten stomach cramps or anything like that from this. But the next day after taking the supplement, I have a healthy bowel moment. I like the digestive support it gives.

works great so far

It really seems to work. I used it when I was on my holiday in Egypt. I am a sugar addicted person so I can not imagine my life without sweet stuff. I ate lots of orient sweets but did not put on weight.

lowered my cholesterol

I've been using this for a while now and I've managed to keep my cholesterol to reasonable levels. I dont' take it with every meal. I take it when I am eating out or we are eating something that is a bit fatty and/or with high starch. Usually at dinner time. My cholesterol WAS high and this is the only thing I changed. I've only lost 3 lbs.. But it worked anyway.

Lowering cholesterol is a side-benefit that most people don't know about with CHEATmeals. The perfect combination for cholesterol/heart health and weight loss would be to also use CholesLo
very useful product

Great product w/o junk additives & fillers. I take it whenever I eat fast foods or foods w/ lots of fats and starches. Impossible to stick to a puritanical diet 100%. IT helps me avoid put on extra weight whenever I eat food high fat & oils & carbohydrates. It may not suit anyone w/ shellfish alleriges.

amazing product, which it cost less

This combined with Lean Optimizer has worked AMAZINGLY for me to lost lots of fat while holding my muscle. I've lost 63 lbs in this past year ONLY using these two products. But, i'm on low income and I wish it just cost less. However, i can't deny the great results, so i continu using it every day. i wish these were covered by insurance.

wow, 63 pounds is a lot of weight, great job! And yes, combining it with Lean Optimizer really speeds up your results. You can purchase our products in bulk for lower price. Please contact our staff.
very good!!!

This product is working very well for me..i don't take it every day,just if i go out for dinner or if a know i am going to overdo with food a little bit...it's keeping my weight under control and i know it's safe for my health...

bigger is better!

I like these because they are high dose and everything is combined in one pill. I used to take multiple products by other companies. like 6-7 pills to do just what 2-3 pills of CHEATMEALS does for me. It's saved me money and it's not as embarassing when i go out with people I don't know having to take so many pills. they thought i was a drug addict or something. =) ... popping so many pills. But not anymore.

works as advertised

it does what it says, says what it does. 'nuff said!

Dr. Oz recommends it

I noticed the main ingredients in "cheat meals" was recommended by Dr. Oz for weight loss. That's a good sign since he does a lot of research before presenting it on his show. Thumbs up guys!!!

don't take it

If you're allergic to shellfish, don't take it.

this is correct and we have a warning about it on the label and at the site
pros and cons

PROS = It works, I've lost weight, way less sugar cravings, lowered my cholesterol and really improved my colon/bathroom issues (if you know what I mean ;-) .............. CONS = it can get expensive since I love using it all the time and it works. Buy the 3 bottle option, you get a free bottle and it's much cheaper.

perfect for my summer wear

I bought this in order to maintain my weight while still enjoying carb-rich, high calorie foods this summwer. Well, seems to have worked! I ordinarily bloat, retain water and gain weight when I eat carbs like bread, potatoes, French fries, and even rice. I was able to enjoy all these foods without bloating or putting on weight. A caution, though. It doesn't give you a free pass to overload on calories (i.e. overeat) all the time. I'm going to re-order for sure.

3 lbs

I've lost 3 pounds for a week. Great stuff

2-in-1, great deal

I've been taking cheat meals for years. It's still the only product that combines both carb and fat blocking mechanism in one pill. Do you have a patent on this? is that why nobody else is doing it or are they just not as smart?

large capsules

Effective and it does work, but quite a large capsule

For some users, this is the case. But the good news is you can take apart the capsules and pour it out into water or a spoon. Just make sure to drink at least 8-16 oz. of water.
it's fabulous!

I love this product. Makes you feel so much less guilty when you eat something fatty or carby. Especially during the holiday season. I love it!!! Helps your cholesterol too, that way, and gets rid of the fat... the natural way! How great is that? ;)

I think it works

I don't take it all the time, since it eat well most of the time (or try too). But the weekends, it's on... that's when I really use CHEATMEALS. So far, so good . i think it's working. I haven't gained anything, that's for sure

great weightloss combo

I use cheat meals with Lean Optimizer and fish oil and L-carntine, works like a charm. 17 lbs in 4 months and still going strong!!!

great serivce and products

I have ordered from HFL for years and their service is always very good. I messed up my order and they reshipped it all to me express, for free, even though it was MY mistake. Great products and super service. Just like zappos! ---- well, okay, maybe not that good. I love my shoes ... lol ... sorry... get your cheatmeals if youre reading this, it works well.

still the best

I love their new platinum version. Cool label, higher dosage, stronger and more effective product - same price. Good job guys, keep it up.